Stone Conservation
& Restoration

We are leaders in the field of preserving built heritage. Our goal is to promote the use of responsible and appropriate cleaning techniques and products across industries, including the conservation and restoration of buildings.

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Historic Restoration

Stone and Historic Stone Maintenance, Restoration or Conservation

Religious Structures

Preserving Religious Structures and Places of Worship across different faiths and cultures.

Natural Stone Tile

Polishing, honing, surface grinding, and lippage removal as well as restoration and repairs for residential and commercial clients


Eighth Day Stone Restoration delivered exceptional results in restoring my stone statues and surfaces. I am delighted with the superior quality of their work and their attention to detail during the clean-up process. I highly recommend their services.

Doff Integra Machine

Designed and developed to effectively remove paint, biological matter and general dirt and grime without causing harm or shock to the substrate.

Steam cleaning is not the same as pressure washing and has none of the disadvantages. No chemicals are used and the amount of water used is considerable reduced.
For the gentle removal of flexible paints, graffiti, algae, moss and much more.

Results That Speak For Itself

RESTORE IT to its original form, REPAIR IT, either to Historical Standards or using the leading modern materials, or just FIX IT! We bring solutions to your problems, whether a building lobby panel, or the stone entry to your home. An invaluable religious article or exterior stone exposed to traffic can all be made whole by Eighth Day Stone.

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Types Of Natural Stone Tiles









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